An unexpected help from a London escort

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There comes a time in a man’s life that will change his life forever. We all could come up with something that can benefit us in the long run in the future. But instead, choose not to do it anyways. Why would we save others life and forget our wellbeing? Sometime last year in the middle of September I got a call from my friend that she is having trouble with her finances and needed my help. So I talked to her for a long time and discovered that her boyfriend is stealing money from her because he is addicted to drugs. My friend has two kids with him and is in desperate need. So I gave the money that will allow her to live for a few months.


But when my girlfriend found out about this, she was very pissed at me and got hysterical. Why are you helping her! What are you doing? You just wasted your money for nothing. She doesn’t deserve help she added. She is in need, and nobody will help her. Her family abandoned her a long time ago and no other relatives to turn. She got upset even more because I defended my friend. I didn’t regret my decision because I thought my girlfriend’s reason was coming from selfishness and jealousy. After some time I heard the news that my friend committed suicide and now dead. I couldn’t believe it. I blamed myself for what happened if I just helped her more maybe she would still be alive. Instead, I hesitated to help her and forget about her after because my girlfriend would be angry at me. It is unacceptable, because of my selfish reason a person is dead. Broke up with my girlfriend and refuse to forget about the consequences of my mistakes.


My friend’s name was Debbie, and she was always a loving friend to me. When we are growing up, she was the one who would defend me to my bullies make me feel loved. She also is the one who influenced me to pursue my career which turned out to be the most significant decision of my life. She was one of my best friends. And I will never forget Debbie. I hope that she can forgive me for what I had done to her. This tragedy changed my life for good. I don’t want ever to have a relationship for a long time. Now I book London escorts from, and it made my experience great. No more fights every day. No more unjustified jealousy. No more commitments. No more wasting time. London escorts love me for what I am and do not want me to become the person that they want me to be. They always make me happy and feel good about myself.

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