Is it really glamorous to be a London escort?

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I am not sure what impression most people have of London escorts, but in general, I think that many attribute London escorts with having a rather glamorous lifestyle. Is that true? Some parts of the job may be very glamorous and seem like we are living what I call a Playgirl lifestyle. However, there are also many other parts of the job that people don’t see, or are not aware, and they are a lot less glamorous. No girl is born to be a London escorts. I did not just fall into working for the elite London escorts service that I work for now.

My first job with the adult entertainment industry in London was in a bar in Soho. After that I got a job as an exotic dancer in the club next doors. But, that was not the only thing that I did to keep a roof over my head in London. I also worked as a hostess in a club, and it was in that club, I got my first break with London escorts. Since then I have worked for five different London escorts services until I ended up at this elite agency. You really do have to be willing to promote yourself to get anywhere within the London escorts service, and that is what I did.

On top of that, you have to be prepared to invest in yourself. I have always worked hard to look after my body to look good. Spending time in the gym is something you need to be prepared to do. Your looks are often what makes you special, and I have worked hard on looking good for all of my dates. The only way you do that, is by spending money on yourself like going to the hairdresser and beautician.Working late and long hours are also part of the parcel of working for London escorts. Sometimes when I come home from the late shift at charlotte London escorts, I am totally shattered and it can be tough to face the next day. When I wake up the next day, I know that I have to get myself going again. I normally go to the gym, work out outside or have some beauty appointment. Then it is back home to get ready for my shift at the escort agency in London.

It does not take five minutes to get ready for London escorts. All escorts have a certain routine they follow, and I am not any different. I start by having something light to eat, and chill out for about 20 minutes. After that, I hit the bathroom and go through my beauty routine which takes about an hour. When I am done with that, I put my face on, slip into my jeans and sweater and make my way to “work”. Once I am at my boudoir, I get dressed, and put myself into the frame of mind. My weekends are not any different from any other girl. I spend the weekend house cleaning, shopping and doing the laundry. Glamorous lifestyle? Mmm, I am not sure that I would call it that.

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