Looking forward to more years with Dagenham Escorts

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I have never been in love like this before. A love that is real and sincere. It gives me a kind of happiness that I can only feel for one person. A joy that transport to all parts of my body to make me alive and active. My life is never perfect, well I have this comfortable life but not seems to be happy to it. I have lots of money, but there is still missing with me. We were a beautiful and pure family, but fun. My parents always have time for me, my dad always sends me to school every morning, and mom fetched me. Their attention is only in me, we don’t have maids, and I love their presence. They always go during the family day and some school activities. They were just so supportive of me. They give everything I need, even not essential. We used to go to parks every weekend and play. They are everything to me and I to them. But it was only a short time; I heard them fighting almost every day, screaming and beating. My dad used to slam the door and leave. While my mom breaks down and cry. I can’t help but keep quiet about the situation. I know they don’t want to know me, but I am hurting and in pain. I am so discouraged and have no time for my studies. I got many failures, I go to school by myself and broken. I usually cry about our family crisis, until such time dad officially leave us. My mom experienced depression and anxiety. If I am weak too, both of us will die. I have to keep strong all over the time. I stop school and indulge myself with bad habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking weeds, etc. I want to forget the pain and to do that I need to be drunk all night and take drugs. My mom goes away; she wants me to continue college, she goes to London and finds work there. When she has a stable job, she brought me there and stay. We have bought a home, but it was lonely. I have enrolled in college, but my habits are still the same. My mom seldom goes home, and we have no time for discussion. I just missed my old mom and little did I know she has a boyfriend. I am so much in pain until I knew Jessica, she is a Dagenham Escorts at https://charlotteaction.org/dagenham-escorts. When I was so down, I go to her, and she wants to hear all my problems and pain in life. She is my comfort and my strength. She help me to move forward. We have a relationship, and I am looking forward to more years with Dagenham Escorts


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