My Sugar Daddy Wants to Marry Me

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My Sugar Daddy would like to marry me. What should I do? This is going to be a tough one. I have been seeing my Sugar Daddy for about four months. During that time we have become really close to each other. He is clearly mad about me but I am not sure that this is the big love for me. On closer examination of the relationship, I am not sure it is about love. There are still things my Sugar Daddy does not know about me. For instance, he does not know that I work for London escorts.

How would my Sugar Daddy feel about me if he knew that I worked for London escorts? I am not sure how he would feel. I have been telling him that I work for this club in London, and he has seemed to believe me. Should I come clean about London escorts? It is perhaps one of the best things that I could if I was serious about this relationship, but I am not sure that I am serious about the two of us at all. I like to spend time with him, but marriage…

I have mentioned to the girls at London escorts that he would like to marry me, and they were a bit surprised. One of the more senior girls at our escort agency in London told me to examine relationship. When I sat down and thought about it, I realised that she was right. What was he actually offering me, and did he love me? I think that he loves me in his own little way. However, he has a lot of emotional luggage, and I am not sure I am ready to deal with all of that.

He does not seem to expect a physical relationship after the marriage. At least, he is not piling on the pressure at all. I thought that he was looking for what I call a complete marriage, but it seems he is looking for a wife with benefits marriage. He would pick up all of the bills, and I would sort of be his trophy wife. It would mean separate bedrooms, and we would just be together for what he jokingly calls official duties. The official duties would include things like going on holiday, out for dinner and, of course, attending his Masonic events. Like I said to the girls at London escorts, I would still very much be his Sugar Babe in London.

My Sugar Daddy has a home in the country, and he has never invited me there. I would love to see it, but he seems to keep that to himself. He does spend a lot of time out of London, and I am not sure that I would like to do. Also, it would worry me giving up my job with London escorts. If I did so, I would lose a large part of my income and I am not ready for that at all. Sure, I would still have my flat to fall back on, and I could rent that out. It does not sound very much like a marriage, it is beginning to sound more and more like a business arrangement.

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