One of my life’s blessing is having a woman that is constant with her love for me.

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She is adorable and kind a girl from London Escorts Agency. I am happy with her existence in my life; she adds color to it and positivity. She is the reason why I am so glad every day. I am very inspired to do things with passion. She is always there to push me into my dreams, that even I stumble many times it doesn’t matter as long as we have each other. I am not afraid anymore to go through life, I know I have someone to help me in my journey. She is brave and willing to take risks for our love. I am amazed by her fighting spirit, and her personality made me fall in love with him. She is a different woman, she does not follow trends and wants a simple life.


All my life, I want to have someone that is genuine and love me for who I am. And after all I have been through, I finally have her. Maybe she is my grand prize in life. I feel so lucky with her, imagine almost men want her and choose me over them. Anyway, I am just real and very serious to court her. My love for her is big than anything. I have many reasons to give up life, but she always gave me one reason not to. I am happy when I am with her; it feels like I am in the safest place and very comfortable. Our relationship is honest and open; we never keep secrets with each other. We are always at each other side through worsts and best time. I am so blessed with her.


In my past, I encounter pain, and that was my lowest point. My ex-girlfriend is my longtime crush, and so when I got her, I did everything not to lose her. I feel like heaven that time, it was like I won a jackpot prize. Perhaps, she shows some love, but not sure if its real or fake. She accepts my love because she has an agenda and its to use me. She is a gold digger and was so refreshing to allow it. Maybe that’s love, all you want is their happiness, and not noticing that it is too much. Until I propose to her and she refuses. She told me that she does not love me, and just using me for her selfishness.


I went to London and met Teresa. She is a London escort that made me realize to continue my life. It was three years until I have entered a new relationship. Because of her, I began to dream again and love myself. I am proud to have a London Escort in my life

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