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A lot of Battersea escorts say that their dates enjoy watching porn movies, but they are less keen on some of the porn stars. It seems that a new generation of porn stars have invaded the porn movie industry and some of the classically beautiful stars have left the business. The new talent in the industry seem to have a lot more exaggerated features such as very large boobs and enhanced lips. Battersea escorts of are saying that a lot of their dates are finding this a complete turn off and prefer natural beauty. It is true – the new generation of porn stars do seem to have been much enhanced. Finding natural beauty is not easy these days. Plastic surgery techniques may be more refined but the results can be less than complimentary. Some people seem to be parodies of themselves with extremely large boobs, high cheek bones and grossly enhanced lips. It all looks very fake and can certainly turn a lot of people off. Some of the Battersea escorts say that a lot of gents have stopped watching porn movies because of this reason, and many Battersea escorts think that this is why privately produced porn movies have become so popular on the Internet.

The truth is that we are watching more porn than ever before, but most of the porn we watch is privately produced porn. Battersea escorts say that the vast majority of their dates have turned away from traditional porn movies and are now watching private or homemade porn movies. There are a lot of channels on the Internet that provide private porn and some of the performers are more natural than in professionally made movies. Some Battersea escorts have worked as porn stars and they fully appreciate that gents prefer seeing natural ladies in the movies. Enhancement surgery is popular everywhere but most Battersea escorts appreciate that their dates don’t really enjoy dating girls with much enhanced features. Most Battersea escorts try to keep themselves as natural as possible, but it can be difficult to do in a very competitive market. Battersea escorts who have worked in the United States often have very enhanced features as many of their former American bosses put pressure on them to have enhancement. Does enhancements make us beautiful? It can be argued that enhancement surgery does not make us beautiful but instead just make us look silly. A girl with a pair of much enhanced boobs can look out of proportion.

Nips and tucks are becoming more and more popular. Instead of making effort to lose the extra weight, many of us decided to opt for liposuction. Are we just being lazy or are we doing what is necessary to keep up with our friends? What happens as we get older? Do we need to carry on having nips and tucks to avoid looking old? Many people who have started having surgery find it difficult to stop, and where is it all going to end? Are we all going to look like somebody else?

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