We have all heard of women who have a shopping addiction, but in my case, it is the other way around.

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I am forever trying to stop my husband buying something. When we first met while I was working at North London escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/north-london-escorts, I did realize that he liked to shop, but I did not realize how much. We have been married for six months now, and during that time, we have gone shopping every Saturday.

It is the same routine every Saturday. We get out of bed, have a light breakfast, and go shopping. I used to have a Saturday shopping with the girls from North London escorts once in a while, but my husband seems to want to shop all of the time. The first thing we do before we hit the shops, is to have a coffee. My husband says it is to fortify us until lunch. It is just like he is addicted to this routine.

Like I have said to the girls at North London escorts, it is not only clothes that my husband loves to shop for when we are out. I am pretty sure that he spends more money than me at the various beauty counters in the best stores in North London. He has all of the latest skin care and after shave lotions which come on the market. I think that he is a real mug as he can’t use all of this stuff at the same time. When I look in the bathroom, the cupboard is just crammed with his bits and pieces.

The other thing my husband loves to shop for is golf clubs. When we first met on at a North London escorts business function, my husband told me how much he likes to play golf. We talked about it, but to be fair, I think that he gets more of a kick out of buying clubs than he does of playing golf. He buys all of the big brand names and will even spend a small fortune on golf balls. It is just silly to me.

I know that he can afford to shop like this, and maybe I am being a bit too cautious. The thing is that I had to manage everything when I worked for North London escorts and had no choice but to look after myself. When it comes to money, I am very careful and would not even want to spend that kind of money he is spending. He does encourage me to spend money and says that he would rather see me looking great. I think that I look great, and I really don’t think that I need to buy every designer dress under the sun to make me feel like that. It feels funny talking about my husband like this. I really did not think that I would end up marrying a guy who has a complete shopping addiction, and I do wonder if I have done the right thing. That is something I am not sure about any longer.



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