What is Addiction

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Addiction is commonly compelled to behavior that caters a short-time relief, but causes so much damage into someone’s life when it comes to career, health, finances and relationship according to Yiewsley Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/yiewsley-escorts. This key four important areas of humans life would be greatly be affected out of addiction. Addictions is one of the most difficult trials of life to through with. It is not because of addictive attitude of an addict once he realized that he is an addict, this is because of denial, and he don’t want to accept the reality that he is addicted to something. Denial is such a big word but touches a lot of factors most especially on addicted person. Knowing the fact that one’s a person is addicted it is very evident that there is no positive implication in life. Thus it gives a lot of negative attributes rather than the positive one. Frankly speaking positive things is cannot be seen to people who are addicted. The life of an addict person slowly dies and it will come to a certain point that addiction will only remain. Sexual addiction Addiction is categorized into different category. But let us focus on the sex addiction because it most talk about these days. It is one of the most obsessive sexual thoughts, activities and fantasies of a person who continues to deal with despite of its circumstances. The three main factors mentioned which is the thoughts, activities and fantasies occupies an inappropriate value of “psychic space” which results to the imbalance of persons total functioning on the very significant part of life, like relationship, work, distress, guilt and shame which also can results to shame. Though sexual addiction could be conceptualized to intimacy impaired which has a compulsive flow of preoccupied, ritualized, despair and behavior according to Yiewsley Escorts. The target of these inability is the inadequate bond and attachment into intimate relationship. This is coming from the early engagement with attachment failure which was carried out from primary caregivers. Sexual addiction defines the same with those other kinds of addiction, it only depart on the sexual compulsion which is involved with innermost wishes, fantasies, fears, conflicts, needs and fantasies. Signs of sex addiction

  • Going to bed late by just watching porn movies
  • Always look up pornographic materials like magazines, videos, books, and catalogs
  • Hide something especially to their spouses on the things he does
  • Very demanding and controlling during sexual encounter
  • Get easily annoyed when somebody opens up issue about porn
  • Deals with inappropriate conversation during sex
  • There is no genuine intimacy before, during and after sex
  • Love to stay alone and don’t want to socialized to people most especially on neighborhood
  • Always buy porn videotapes
  • Very preoccupied once he is in front of the crowd
  • Always feels depressed
  • Dishonesty is getting worst
  • Hides porn things at work and at home
  • Has his own way of reasoning when it comes to porn materials


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