You cannot compare a woman to another woman as they are totally different 

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In attitude or characteristics but one thing is common on them, when it comes to love they just want to be assured and secured. Perhaps it all applies both men and woman. My name is Jen, before I became a London escort here is my story that leads me to this career. I was in a relationship before, he is the man of my dreams that I love him so much little did I know that he was forced to love me out of pity and that was the most painful part of me. I am the kind of girl just want to be the only one in my love but it turns out that he may be tired of me too. I never found love in my family totally, but I also do not want to become a burden. I leave my family and make my own life. It was really challenging and difficult. In writing I can express myself. I have to go on even my heart is aching. Maybe in time it will heal and I am looking forward that day. They say that love should fair and just, but it seems our is not that it should be. There are a lot of times I was hurt before, many words that marked on me. I was that affected because I had no one else when we are together. I deeply love him like he became my world. It hurts a lot every time he says mean words to me. Every time I am in pain, I own everything because I hardly trust someone. For me trust is the only thing that matters in this world and it’s really hard to find to somebody that is why I prefer to be alone. Maybe love is not enough, because some people choose to leave us, when all we can do to them is choose then all over again. I was thankful that being a London escort helps me move on from that painful journey in my life. it was really hard for me to go on at all. I got a lot of high and low in life but I always think that in this world you have no one to assume to help you that is why you have to keep fighting because there is no one for you. That realization made me strong. I want to become a great London escort also to influence a lot of people that to stop focusing one person in our life. It’s time for us to think for ourselves too. Don’t pity yourself because of your mistakes in the past make it as an excuse to become someone stronger than before. From now on, I changed my life and choose to keep quiet. Silence is the best revenge. I am in love being a London escort from and that makes me happy. Happiness is my only choice in life now a days. I am still thankful that I have passed through that journey of mine which I thought I won’t.

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